Friday, February 15, 2008

another attempt

Could I be worse at this blogging stuff? Seems pretty simple - but I haven't been very good at finding the time to do it lately. Actually, I've found plenty of time but have chosen to do things other than blog. Imagine that. So, what have I been up to since December 14, 2007? Not a whole hell of a lot, but here's a taste:

-Christmas was fun & wonderful, as always
-New Year's was terribly depressing, but who cares
-Still not smoking (almost 5 months, yeah!)
-Back on the WW - have lost 10.2 lbs to date
-I'm finally kicking some booty at work (it's taken a year to fix what my predecessors left me)
-My honeypie is now Officer Kelly... Anchorage Jail's finest
-My ride and I have been through a lot, financially speaking - but now I can drive again

But the most exciting development? I'm finally sewing! And sewing pretty well! And loving it! And wanting to teach the world my limited bag of tricks! I've already spread the joy to a couple of friends - uh oh, now I have competition. But, since my home computer has pretty much shit the bed, I won't be posting any photos any time soon. I'd love to, becuase I've made some really cool bags and pillows. Yes, basic stuff - but my own designs. My next projects (well, not necessarily immediately) are a robe and a chair slipcover.

Thanks for bugging me about blogging, Bee's Knees! There ya go. And now I know that a mulva is not a dog's crotch.

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