Monday, March 10, 2008

March: Lion or Lamb?

Uh oh - I've been caught sewing when I should be knitting! Sorry, babymakers! What a great example of me getting fired up for something.... and then something else... and then something else... and then on to the next big thing! Story of my life.

Here's my new project: staying warm. We've got house heating issues again. Danny and I went away for the weekend and came home to a cold house. Long story short - a new boiler system is being installed today. When you add in pimping my ride last month, that's more than $6k in gotta-do-it emergency fixes! What's going on here? It's a hard lesson in home economics. Thank you Danny for being so great with money!

At least the sun is free - and we've got lots of it right now. It's gorgeous out today - and so warm! We've been spoiled by an early spring here. I found pussy willows outside my office last week. I've got them in a canning jar on my desk. Over the weekend they burst into little pincushions, covered in pollen.

Outside we still have lots of snow and too much ice, but the roads are clearing up and the temps are above freezing. I think it's a trick, though. My mother in law reminded me of the 3 feet of snow we got on St. Patrick's Day a few years back. If spring is here, let it be. If not, bring on the snow. I like it. But I'm glad it's warm out today so Danny's not freezing in a house without heat.

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