Saturday, January 2, 2010

what a mighty good man

I just gotta love that husband of mine. Have I mentioned how adorable he is? I hope he keeps the beard. It appears every winter without fail, but it always vanishes mysteriously after a couple of months. He says it's itchy. But beauty takes pain, right? If I were a man I'd love to mess around with facial hair. I'd switch around between big ol' chops, a handlebar moustache, various beards... but no goatees. I get the urge to reach out and shave them off. Ooh and no tiny moustaches, either. Ick.

1 comment:

Jessy said...

If I can go through the trouble of shaving my legs a couple of times a year, Danny can go through the trouble of dealing with an itchy-yet-adorable beard, right?