Monday, October 8, 2007

First snow

Yesterday morning, Danny woke me up before leaving for work to tell me that it snowed in the night! I popped out of bed to see, and it was just beautiful. We got a little over an inch of snow. As the day went on, some of it melted but most of it stuck around.

Nice - the first snow of the season. Early, too. We always have plenty of snow by Halloween, but usually don't get any 'til later in October. Now it's cold. It was only 19 degrees out when I got up this morning. My car didn't want to start. It seems a little soon to be plugging it in every night, but it really doesn't like the cold.

I was looking around online for a photo of our first snow and found this little piece about life in AK:
Anchorage is surrounded by mountains, the scenery is beautiful any time of the year. You can still find moose and squirrels and birds and even sometimes bears in the neighbourhoods around it. If you go outside of the city is another story. super wild. that's where it is richer, in the variety of fauna and just the views are breathtaking. You name it: Bears, Eagles, Fish, otters, Moose, Deers, even penguins.

Deers? Even penguins? Maybe at Santa's workshop.

Today marks one week since quitting smoking. I can definitely feel the difference in my chest. I can take big, deep breaths with no yuckiness. It feels great! As for the urge to smoke, it's still there, but not as strong as it was. I can smell the stink when I'm around smokers. I'm glad I don't smell like an ashtray any more.

Later on this week I'll be headed to the hospital for my blood draw. Danny will be making his own deposit, too. He got some solid advice from a friend who had the same testing: open the container before you get started. Good point, I thought.


The Nanny said...

Congrats on the 1-week mark with quitting smoking! That's really cool!

CD & SP said...

i wish we had seen penguins on our trip to AK! we must have missed them in Denali ;)