Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ahhh... weekend

I had a pretty productive Saturday, which felt good. With the patient instruction of a friend, I was finally able to take on the curtain project. They're done and they look much better than I'd imagined. Almost straight stitching. Close enough. I also moved our coat hooks and put together a chintzy shoe rack, which got our entry cleaned up.

What else? Well, not much. The sewing took ages. I did go to WW this morning, though, as planned. It was a depressing number that popped up on the scale, but I just reminded myself that I'm starting over (again). Here goes.

I had the lofty ambition of printing out a bunch of photos and framing them before the end of the night. Instead, I screwed around with my photo software for hours. At least I got to feel like I'd done something halfway creative. We have yet to print or display any photos from the wedding. Not that we want the house covered in them, but there were some nice shots. Other than those, Danny and I have hardly any decent photos of the two of us. Neither one of us is particularly photogenic, so it takes a lot of luck and/or skill to catch us both looking good.

Looks like I ought to get to bed. A little too much coffee, I think. Otherwise, why would I still be awake? It's just past 3:00 in the morning. Danny will be waking up for work in just a couple of hours. At least it's dark outside this time of year so I can actually get to sleep once I really try.

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