Monday, September 24, 2007

I need a raincoat

We've got another cold, wet day here with snow falling at higher elevations. I can see the termination dust (winter's first snow on the mountains) collecting through the clouds. I'm so done with wet weather - gimme some snow. It is pretty, though. While I miss the oranges & reds of New England, I'm getting used to Alaska's golden autumns. After all, this is the time of year that I moved here. A couple of weeks ago, I celebrated my seven year anniversary as an Alaskan. Whoa!

I made a little headway on my photo printing project yesterday. A little. I was battling my printer and finally gave up after about an hour. I decided that, rather than wait for it, I would let it sit and think about what it did wrong. I went downstairs and had a bite to eat, only to return to find seven pages of fresh glossy prints all over my desk. They were all stuck together and ruined. Damnit! I was able to salvage some of them by cropping a lot, but overall it was a wasted effort. At least I know my printer is still working. Sort of.

Danny and I watched the first episode of the new Ken Burns documentary, The War, on PBS last night. I'd been looking forward to it for so long! I thought it was great, but seemed a little slower than The Civil War. We've got it set up to record on our DVR for the whole run.

I've always been very interested in WWII history. Not so much the war itself, but what happened to women and families on the homefront. I consider myself to be a pacifist, but the idea of virtually everyone behind the same cause fascinates me. That's far from the case with today's wars. But maybe I don't know enough beyond the glorifying books I've read. Was there much of an anti-war effort? How could there have been, considering what was happening in Europe. But then there were the Japanese-American internment camps. Americans weren't innocents. I guess I'll stop there, as I'm no historian and I have a lot more to learn.

6 more days to treat my lungs like garbage


conme411 said...

I need my AC and a margarita...It's 86 damn degrees right now!

picky said...

hi brainski-
just catching up on your blog! I watched some ken burns the other night, myself. good stuff, but i only watched a little before i switched to dog the bounty hunter. xo, sp