Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend Wrap

Danny and I went to a friend's wedding yesterday and met a guy who opened up about his wife's PCOS. His wife wasn't there to chat with, but he said they tried for SEVEN years before a successful pregnancy. Seven years?! And without medical intervention! No thanks, I thought to myself. But I was a little drunk at the wedding and so, of course, prattled on.

Then I heard today that the very dude rolled his car on his way home from the reception. He's ok - I guess he was sloshed enough to land softly. Yikes, I didn't realize he'd been drinking until Danny jogged my memory today. He should know, he tended bar for a while. So did I, but I was distracted by the need to eat, drink, and be merry. Kinda scary that the same guy who worked so hard to get his family in gear would be so irresponsible with himself.

I'll be getting the booze out of my system soon enough, so I was grateful that Danny was my driver. I've got plans with a friend to have a blowout this coming weekend - one last time before getting my bod nice and clean for baby-making. There will be many martinis and cigarettes.

This afternoon I'm finally going to print some photos to put up around our place. I bought a few nice frames and found places to hang them, now I just need to fill them up. Lots of wedding pictures, for starters. Then on to shots of our trip to Ireland, and any other cute pics we've got.

I'm also a little more busy when it comes to blogging. Just when I got the hang of this one, there are two more! I've got one I'm working on with my family, and another one with friends. I'll do my best to keep them up - I'm hoping they'll all do the same! Right, folks?

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conme411 said...

On the subject of long neglected photo projects...I just came back from mailing out your scrapbook. You know...the one you'll show your kid's of "Mommy's last night out bar-hopping before Daddy made an honest woman out of her"!